Superl is a commercial insulation contractor that can install thermal, vapor, fire, smoke, and sound control systems


Superl is a very elite company by being ICAA Certified, a 3M Trained Master Contractor and is accredited by Factory Mutual (Approval Standard 4991). Many contractors don't meet the requirements of these honors. Superl utilizes systems from manufacturers such as 3M, Thermafiber, STI, Hilti, etc. As an independent contractor, Superl selects the manufacturer's system that best fits the particular conditions and design/performance requirements.

  • Charter Member FCIA
  • 1991 Certificate of Merit RSI-Category I
  • Outstanding Project Award, Form and Function Magazine, GTE tellops Headquarters
  • ICAA Certified Commercial Building Insulation Contractor
  • 1999 RSI Contractor of the Year, Commercial Applications,
    Category I
Criteria for ICAA Certified Commercial Building Insulation Contractor
Innovation in Thermal Envelope and Firestopping Design
This special category of insulation contractor is achieved by a proven record of business activity in these areas:
  1. A consistent history of long-term experience in the field of commercial building insulation installation.
  2. A commitment to continuing service to this segment of the industry.
  3. A demonstrated ability to conduct business on a financially sound basis, with documented evidence of the ability to furnish insurance and bonding in accordance with the requirements of the job size and the service area in which this firm operates.
  4. Participation in insulation industry activities that promote and encourage the advancement of insulation technology and knowledge for the benefit of contractors, architects and owners of commercial buildings.
  5. A commitment to professionalism by encouraging proper designs and installation through educational services to the general contractor, architects and engineers.
  6. This status is achieved through review and approval of the Association Director and Commercial Committee Members.

3M Master Contractor
 What does it mean to be a Certified 3M Trained Master Contractor? In short, it means when were installing 3M fire protection systems in your building, you can rest assured that were doing it right. Only the most highly trained firestopping professionals earn 3Ms own stamp of approval as they meet these requirements:
  • Measurable quality standards and documented safety program
  • Sound company finances and acceptable bonding capacity and rate
  • Installers and supervisors must attend a three-day training and testing seminar conducted by 3M qualified instructors (re-training is required every 18 months)
  • A minimum of two years firestopping installation experience, with project references
  • A proven ability and commitment to install all passive fire protection applications
Factory Mutual
Factory Mutual (Approval Standard 4991) was created to evaluate and accredit firestop contractors' credentials to ensure the reliability and performance of their firestopping systems. Eligibility requirements include:
  • Passing a written test
  • Having a demonstrated quality control program
  • Keeping documented records of all installations
  • Having an FM-approved technical training program
  • Passing in-house and job-site quality control audits
  • Passing a re-certification process every three years
  • This is an independent, third-party accreditation
  • This FM program was promulgated through the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) to establish credibility with an independent third party


UL Qualified Firestop Contractor
UL Qualified Firestop Contractor designation is only given those firms who have passed both the DRI Test and the Quality Management Audit Process. Follow up Audits are performed by UL Auditors yearly. DRI's must provide verification of CEU eligible Education sessions attended or retest again every three years.
Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC): Through the Firestop Specialty Contractor Program, Hilti trains professional contractors in fire protection systems installation procedures of Hilti firestop products that meet all current standards and codes.
  • Allows tradespeople to focus on their area of expertise, leaving firestopping to passive fire protection specialists
  • Provide single contractor accountability for all firestop applications
  • Promote hassle-free inspection by officials who know and trust professional firestop installers
  • Increase your confidence that all firestopping is completed correctly the first time




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