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Superl is a commercial air barrier, insulation and firestopping contractor.  We provide and install thermal, vapor, fire, smoke, and sound control systems. All the systems we install are passive.

Superl is a full service contractor.  We can provide input anywhere from concept to completion, including design, research, detailing, budgeting, engineering judgment, and thermal analysis.   We deliver on the job, on time, with proper installation. We offer quick solutions for atypical site conditions.

Our experience and expertise is substantial.  We have worked on projects from coast-to-coast, in 35 states over a period of 29 years.

buildingWe provide materials and systems from several manufacturers.  Generically, these products include mineral wool, fiberglass, styrene, polyisocyanurates, urethane foams, caulks, vapor retarders, elastomerics, tapes, anchors, etc.

We can provide consultation on vapor drive, dew points, thermal efficiency, and wall design to accommodate the systems we install, including passive life safety systems for fire and smoke stopping.

Our design recommendations for thermal and vapor envelopes are conducive to mold prevention.

Superl works with many architectural firms and developers in the design stages.  This results in benefits for all involved in the project. 



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